My Story

I found Scentsy while I was looking for a candle alternative for our home, with two busy children and pets the risk of an open flame always kept me from enjoying candles. It was pure coincidence that I came across Scentsy, and it was love at first sniff! It was only a short jump for me to turn my passion for Scentsy into a business opportunity, it's also a great way for me to escape the house and meet new people! With a background in retail I feel like I have 'come home' with Scentsy!   It is important to me that I am now able there to watch and participate in my children’s growth, and being successful in my Scentsy business lets me continue to be a vital part of their development & learning; Building my own sense of self-worth & achievement along the way! As my team continues to grow so dose my enthusiasm to be a fantastic leader for my group and each of their successes I celebrate right along with them! What better opportunity for growth than right here in NZ where Scentsy is still so sought after by customers and prospective consultants!  If you are interested in hosting a party in the Waikato area or are keen to join my team, feel free to contact me! Suzy Mc Menamin Certified Independant Scentsy Lead Consultant